Science-based nutrition decisions to boost your bottom line.

Ruminix³ by SealesWinslow is an easy-to-use digital tool to help you work out how to best feed your herd to maximise returns.

ruminix logoUsed by SealesWinslow at no cost to farmers, it compares the effects of feed combinations on milk production based on the variables of your farm’s unique system. 

Using Ruminix³, SealesWinslow has demonstrated that farmers could generate up to 30% more income¹ simply by using the right supplementary feed.



Income over feed costs/month

Pasture (18kgDM) + PKE (3kgDM)



Pasture (18kgDM) + pellets (3kgDM) *



Pasture (18kgDM) + Wheat (3kgDM)

$131, 850

$73,688 **

* Utilising a high starch with minerals, and high energy (13.5 MJ/kg) pelletised feed
** Costs to be considered and not included, such as storage, loss risk and blending in additional minerals

Table 1: CNCPS biological modelling effects of feed on milk yields for a 500-cow farm in the South Island, July 2023¹

Grass will always be king. However, seasonal variability in pasture means there will be times throughout an animal’s development when there are seasonal shortfalls between what nutrition they need and what pasture can provide. Making informed decisions about supplementary feed is crucial. That’s where Ruminix³ can help.

Don’t make feed purchasing decisions solely based on price!

Rely on Ruminix³ to expand your options and reduce risks by predicting the effects of different feed choices before making a purchase.

The beauty of Ruminix³ is its simplicity. It is easy to use and coupled with the guiding hands of our team will give you confidence the solutions you choose will give you the best return on investment.

How does Ruminix³ work?

Using nutrition modelling based on the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System (CNCPS), Ruminix³ demonstrates the possible return on investment from any feed simply by inputting variables such as kilograms of dry matter (kgDM), metabolisable energy (ME) and starch content.

The CNCPS System is used by nutritionists in New Zealand and is widely accepted as an accurate predictor of milk production in pasture-based systems. Research authored by DairyNZ supports this.²

Using Ruminix³ you can view and have easy to understand reports, which can be customised based on your individual needs.

How can I access it?

Ruminix³ is used by our SealesWinslow team via a tablet or laptop to help you run scenarios, weigh up your options and support you to make the best decisions for your herd and your bottom line. There is no cost to you.

¹ May vary from farm to farm

² R. J. Higgs , A. J. Sheahan , K. Mandok , M. E. Van Amburgh , and J. R. Roche. 2013. The effect of starch, fibre or sugar based supplements on nitrogen utilization in grazing dairy cows. J. Dairy Sci. 96:3857-3866

Sample Ruminix³ Report

Ruminix³ Testimonials

“By illustrating the return on investment of higher-quality feeds, Ruminix³ empowers farmers to make informed decisions that maximise milk production and profitability.”

Charlotte van der Hulst, SealesWinslow TSR.
West Coast Nelson & Tasman.

“Using Ruminix³ I have seen SealesWinslow customers not only transform their feed strategy, but spark a shift in their entire farm system, leading to greater returns.”

Hayden Hulley, SealesWinslow TSR.
Hauraki Plains & Coromandel.

“Ruminix³ is not just about saving money; it’s about ensuring that every dollar spent on feed delivers maximum results for the farmer. Using Ruminix³, we can show farmers the tangible benefits of quality feed inputs and how strategic feed planning can boost their business.”

Simon Butler, SealesWinslow TSR.
Franklin North & West Waikato.