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Products specifically formulated into a granule to deliver essential minerals, and trace element to an animal’s diet.

Every one tonne of standard bulk dairy, sheep, deer or goat pellets between November and February go in the draw for a change to win!

SealesWinslow Calf Max range is suitable For dairy or beef and offers a premium quality meal range to maximise calf growth rates.


SealesWinslow is a leading compound ruminant feed manufacturer, offering a complete animal nutrition package to enhance the performance and wellbeing of pasture fed animals and herds.


Tips & Advice

When a mineral is pivotal for animal health, it’s good to take a close look at it. Find out what aspects determine the quality of magnesium and the effectiveness of supplementation.

Early rumen development is a vital part of the nutrition corner, ensuring the animal is weaned from liquid to solid feed as quickly and cost effectively as possible. This then enables calves to utilise fibrous feeds and convert into meat or milk; an essential requirement of profitable production.

Ensuring young stock fulfil their potential is critical to the future success of your farm business.