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A convenient, cost effective and tasty mineral delivery system designed to overcome the nutritional challenges of feeding winter crops.

When stock graze pasture or eat supplementary feed, they get more than just the plant matter you feed them. They inevitably ingest a few insects, a few billion bacteria and a range of other, less obvious substances, including mycotoxins. Of all these ‘extras’, it’s the mycotoxins that can cause the most trouble.


SealesWinslow is a leading compound ruminant feed manufacturer, offering a complete animal nutrition package to enhance the performance and wellbeing of pasture fed animals and herds.


Tips & Advice

When animals are fed exclusively on pasture, it pays to take a close look at the minerals they’re getting – or not getting, as the case may be. Given that deficiencies are far from uncommon, it’s imperative to plug the nutritional gap.

What to watch out for when planning your winter feed strategies for cattle.

Ensuring young stock fulfil their potential is critical to the future success of your farm business.