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The choice of calf meal is a critical decision. Take a moment to look at the factors that play a role.

Triplet-bearing ewes offer potential economic benefits for farmers, provided they and their lambs survive. However, triplets place greater metabolic stress on the ewes, both prior to and after lambing.

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Tips & Advice

Rearing calves for beef can be a fickle business. What differentiates successful operators is the effort they spend on planning and ensuring quality – from sourcing their animals to their choice of feed. And therein lies the best advice.

When it comes to rearing calves, be it for replacement heifers or dairy beef, some basic nutritional guidelines make a notable contribution to overall success. They can be easily incorporated into any approach and will deliver good rewards.

Calves require a dry, draught free environment with easy access to feed, fibre and fresh, clean water.