Fill the mineral gaps in their diet this winter

EquiVigor Mineral Feed Block

Introducing our new molasses block with turmeric for mobility & movement

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Products specifically formulated into a granule to deliver essential minerals, and trace element to an animal’s diet.

We have a range of calf feed options to help support your calves growth.

When it comes to calf-rearing, some people are consistent high-achievers; Lucy Watson is among them. Her approach is uncompromisingly focused on nutrition and underpinned by excellent management.


SealesWinslow is a leading compound ruminant feed manufacturer, offering a complete animal nutrition package to enhance the performance and wellbeing of pasture fed animals and herds.


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Stiff joints and inflammation are not uncommon in most horses, especially those which are a bit older, and still in work.

Researchers at LIC analysed dairy heifer data and discovered that the majority of young stock were failing to meet industry liveweight targets.

There’s no two ways about it, winter pasture offers cattle little or no chance for growth.