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Feed intakes reduced, liveweight gain or milk production down? As summer arrives grasses start to produce seeds and make more fibrous stems to support the seed head. Good for the grasses, but not so much for the nutrition of cows. With fibre increasing, protein decreases, feed quality declines and cows cannot eat as much volume.

The solution is to balance your pasture with SealesWinslow pellets to provide your herd with high concentrated energy or protein-rich supplements.

Whatever farm system you are running, SealesWinslow have got you covered with a range of zinc-based products to help aid the prevention of facial eczema.

To protect your animals, and your farm’s productivity and profitability, here are three things to keep in mind over the coming months

SealesWinslow is a leading compound ruminant feed manufacturer, offering a complete animal nutrition package to enhance the performance and wellbeing of pasture fed animals and herds.


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As we move towards summer, the fire risk boards are being joined by another warning chart - facial eczema (FE) risk. The combination of humid and rainy weather conditions and high night-time temperatures.

By employing the right management practices you'll give your calves the best chance to meet industry liveweight targets and protect your future income.

Ensuring young stock fulfil their potential is critical to the future success of your farm business.