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Bulk Dairy – Pellets

A higher feed conversion efficiency means less feed is utilised for maintenance and increases the portion utilised for production, so you see more milk in the vat.


To ensure your calves reach their target weights rapidly, and develop into productive milking cows, nutrition is critical. If your calf feed doesn’t taste great, they’re simply not going to eat it.

Mineral Blocks

Fill the nutritional gaps with the SealesWinslow mineral blocks. The blocks are a convenient and cost effective method of delivering essential minerals, energy and additives to animals on a free access basis.

Maxx Calf Health

Maxx Calf Health is a controlled intake, low moisture, molasses lick block. Developed specifically for calves and youngstock, it contains a number of unique ingredients to support health, rumen development, immunity and performance.

Calver Max

A dehydrated molasses block designed to set cows up for a healthy lactation by replenishing nutrient level and balancing pasture mineral deficiencies.

Forage Max

A dehydrated molasses block designed to support growth and development of stock by increasing microbial activity in the gut so animals get more out of their feed.

Lamber Max

A dehydrated molasses block designed to increase the microbial activity in the gut of ewes, lambs and rams to improve rumen function and pasture utilisation.


Micromax is a concentrated blend of water-soluble trace elements that are necessary for dairy and beef stock to achieve optimum production and health. 

Mineral Max

Mineral Mx granules provide essential minerals to your herd’s diet supporting health, production and reproduction.


There’s no other product like Zincmax+, a peppermint flavoured blend of water soluble zinc, combined with organic copper. This means there are no concerns about reduced water intake or copper depletion.

Horse Mineral Blocks

Equine mineral blocks are a convenient, effective and safe complement to pasture grazing and hay supplementation. They contain minerals, trace elements, vitamins and key additives to support your horse or ponies wellbeing.


Using Ruminix³, SealesWinslow has demonstrated that farmers could generate up to 30% more income¹ simply by using the right supplementary feed.