100% New Zealand owned and operated farm feed manufacturers.

With manufacturing sites in Morrinsville and Whanganui in the North Island and Ashburton in the South Island, SealesWinslow supplies custom blended pelletised feed to farmers throughout New Zealand. In addition, the company produces mineralised molasses blocks.

In order to maintain product quality, the mills have developed effective quality control systems that cover raw material sourcing, formulations, manufacturing, storage, transport and finished product testing.

Morrinsville Mill

Established in 1968, the Morrinsville site was at one stage New Zealand’s largest independent feed mill. With just under two million dairy cows within 160 km of the site, the mill is well positioned to supply feed to farmers in the Waikato region and beyond. Investing for growth, in 2007 a new $16 million feed mill in Morrinsville was commissioned, providing a four-fold lift in capacity and including the very latest state of the art technology out of Europe and Canada.

Whanganui Mill

SealesWinslow’s newest feed mill opened for business in Whanganui in 2013 following a multimillion dollar project to upgrade an old stock feed mill. The plant is capable of producing blends and pellets, as well as kibbling maize. With production reaching 12 to 15 tonnes per hour. The Whanganui mill utilises state-of-the-art control systems to manage product integrity and quality control.

Ashburton Mill

The Ashburton feed mill was initially established as a specialist ruminant feed mill to supply the growing demands of the dairy industry. Today it continues to feature as a leading New Zealand producer of high quality stock feed for calves, dairy cows, cattle and sheep servicing SealesWinslow’s southernmost customers.