We’ve got a facial eczema solution for your farm


Whatever farm system you are running, SealesWinslow have got you covered with a range of zinc-based products to help aid the prevention of facial eczema. To protect your animals, and your farm’s productivity and profitability, here are three things to keep in mind over the coming months:

Animal Health

Grazing residuals

When grazing to a low residual and there is a high amount of dead matter, there's more chance of animals picking up the spores at the base of the sward.


Animal Health

Spore counts

Low spore counts over several days cause the same accumulated liver damage as one day with a high spore count


Animal Health


Three consecutive nights with temperatures over 12ºC, and enough moisture in the pasture, accelerates spore growth.



Hear from our animal nutritional team below to help you reduce your risk this season

Our nutritional team talk you through everything you need to know about facial eczema this season

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A zinc delivery solution for every farm

One of the best prevention methods for facial eczema is ensuring your animals are getting the right amount of zinc about 2-3 weeks before the spore growth danger period.

Whatever your farm system, SealesWinslow have got you covered with a range of zinc-based products to help aid the precention of facial eczema:


Zincmax +
An effective zinc water treatment with added copper and flavouring for ease of use

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Bulk pellets with zinc
Choose from our range of bulk pellets for dairy, beef or sheep and talk to your local SW Technical Sales Representatives about the inclusion rate of zinc to get a consistent supply of pellets with zinc in every mouthful

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Mineral Max with Zinc (North Island only)
A balanced granulated mineral supplement with zinc, for easy blending

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Mineral Pellets (South Island only)
A cooked grain based mineral supplement for consistent zinc supply and easy blending

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For expert advice on preventing and treating facial eczema, contact your SealesWinslow local Technical Sales Representative today on 0800 287 325.

Spore count reports

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Successful Zinc Supplementation

It is common knowledge the role zinc has to play when it comes to facial eczema. However, the success of zinc supplementation is one to deep dive into, to ensure that each animal is getting the right amount of zinc. The key steps to mitigation are to firstly manage pasture quality, watch animals for signs of facial eczema and have a zinc program ready.

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The cause and the cost

The true cost of facial eczema is not just the cost of feeding zinc. It is the hidden costs of not feeding the right zinc at the right time in the right amount that leads to ongoing financial implications. Setting up for a successful season starts with understanding how to effectively use zinc to mitigate facial eczema.

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