Dairy Advice - Summer

Get the pellet advantage

Summer dry affecting pasture quality?

Feed intakes reduced, liveweight gain or milk production down? As summer arrives grasses start to produce seeds and make more fibrous stems to support the seed head. Good for the grasses, but not so much for the nutrition of cows. With fibre increasing, protein decreases, feed quality declines and cows cannot eat as much volume.

The solution is to balance your pasture with SealesWinslow pellets to provide your herd with high concentrated energy or protein-rich supplements.

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A consistent dose all in one

Whether it’s extra energy milk production or extra zinc to combat facial eczema, our pellets ensure a consistent dose in every pellet giving you complete peace of mind that the herd is getting what they need, at the rate they need it with minerals locked into each and every pellet.

Customised pellets for your herd

Our technical representatives are available to work with you to get the best solution for your stock. Teams in our three mill across the country will manufacture your pellet and organise delivery straight to your farm.

Advanced nutrition

The raw ingredients in our pellets are ground up prior to being pelletised, which means they can then be readily broken down once they are in the rumen. The small particles within the pellet provide a higher surface area improving nutrient uptake.

Highly digestible

During the pelleting process heat is applied in the form of steam. High temperature breaks the cell, unlocking starch & protein providing readily available food for rumen microbes. Thorough mixing, heating and pressing ensures a highly digestible and consistent feed to optimise your herd performance.

For a healthy herd made easy, choose SealesWinslow dairy pellets and get the pellet advantage.