Calf Rearing Advice

Calf Housing

Calf housing needs to be clean, dry, with no draughts at calf level, and enough ventilation at a high level to prevent the build-up of ammonia and other gases. Each calf needs about 1.5m2 of space and there should be 10 – 12 calves per pen at the most.

The main requirement of a calf shed is that it is twice as long as it is wide and/or high with no draughts. This ensures calves have an area away from bad weather and prevailing winds.

calf housing pictogram

Calves need access to plenty of fresh, clean water, plus roughage in the form of hay or straw right from the beginning. This will help to get rumen development of to a good start. To prevent the transmission of disease their food and water should be kept up off the floor of the pen. Having the pen ready before the first calf drops can help reduce stress.

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