We're recycling & joining Agrecovery

We've joined Agrecovery!
It's free to recycle your Seales Winslow 20kg and 25kg bags from July 1...check out more info via the link

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New bags - reducing our impact!

For the 2024/25 season, SealesWinslow will import 18.2 tonnes less plastic than in previous years due to a new small bag solution for our Calf Max bags*.

• New seam technology, ensures a seamless bag.

• Bags are stronger than current bags with no impact on shelf life or product freshness.

• The bag is a new single plastic bag (homopolymer) rather than the current bags which have different types of plastics, making them harder to recycle. 

• The reduced bag weight = more bags per shipment = reduced sea travel of 11,000Km over the 2024/25 season.

Over the next few months, we are transitioning our small bags to a single plastic to help farmers reduce waste and doing our part by minimising our supply chain footprint.

  • Calf Max range 20kg bags to transition June 2023.
  • SealesWinslow small bags, 25kg will change within the next couple of months.

  • Rumatain calf range 25kg bags will transition in 2024.

Rumatain 17% pellets

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Calf Feed - 20% Pellets

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Calf Feed - 16% Pellets

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Calf Feed - 20% Muesli

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Don’t burn or dump – It’s free to recycle!

We are excited to be part of Agrecovery's product stewardship scheme for Woven PP bags (No.5 plastic) from July 1 2023. Our 20kg and 25kg bags are able to be recycled as part of this scheme.