20% Pellets

A pelleted feed, combining grains, vegetable protein meals and molasses with 20% crude protein and includes the SealesWinslow exclusive NuStart.  The protein is sourced from a range of quality vegetable proteins to maximise lean tissue growth.

20% Pellets is a starter feed, ideal for reduced milk systems.  20% Pellets is a palatable, high energy, high protein formulation for use in situations where milk consumption is restricted to encourage intake of dry feed. 

A high level of quality vegetable proteins ensures that intake and lean tissue growth are not compromised by the reduced milk protein fed.

20% Pellets provides balanced energy and protein to maximise growth rates during rumen development. It provides a bridge between any energy / protein gaps.

Also included is Bovatec®, a coccidiostat that has been accurately and evenly incorporated for protection against coccidiosis.

20% Pellets is ideal for once-a-day milk feeding systems where calves are weaned at 6 weeks of age. Offer fresh product daily and remove stale product from troughs. Typically calves can be weaned from milk when eating 1 kg 20% Pellets per head per day over 3 consecutive days, as long as they have gained at least 35 kg from birth and have a prominent pot belly to show rumen growth and development. Always give calves access to clean drinking water and roughage.

Available Nationwide and can be ordered by contacting your local technical sales representative, SealesWinslow customer service team, or your local merchant store.

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