Frequently Asked Questions

Our Customer Services Representative team can be contacted during normal business hours, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. 

Phone 0800 287 325 or email to talk to one of our Customer Service Representatives or to be connected to your local SealesWinslow (SW) Technical Sales Representative to arrange a visit to your farm or answer your queries.
Or, to find the Technical Sales Representative in your region check out the “People” tab on our website.
Or, check out the “Contact” tab on our website, and fill out an email enquiry. One of our team will get back to you within 48 hours if within business hours. 

Our Products

Where can I order or buy product from?
SealesWinslow products can be ordered direct from us or from your preferred local merchant - Farm Source, PGG Wrightson, Farmlands or Rural Co.
For bulk products, such as large volumes of bulk pellets, calf meal or blocks talk to your local SealesWinslow Technical Sales Representative.
For smaller volumes of our products, contact or visit your local merchant store or their websites. 
If they don’t have something you want, speak with the store, or local SealesWinslow Technical Sales Representative and we will do what we can to help!
Where can I pick product up from? 
SealesWinslow 20 kg/ 25 kg bagged products, or blocks can be found at your local merchant store. 
Some products can be picked up directly from our manufacturing sites. Once an order is placed and includes a request for self-pick up, our Customer Service Representatives will be in contact with details about the pickup process. 

There is no pricing on your website, how do I find out the price of products? 
SealesWinslow is a wholesale company, therefore we sell our products via retail stores. 
For large volume purchases, or bulk / bulk bag purchases, please contact your local SealesWinslow Technical Sales Representative. For any of our bagged calf meal, water soluble minerals, or blocks, you can ask your local merchant for prices. 
Does SealesWinslow produce organic feed options? 
We are not organic certified and do not source organic ingredients. 
Where does SealesWinslow buy raw material from?
Where possible, we source our bulk raw materials locally, however there are many drivers in the background of our procurement process impacting what we can buy from where. We source our grains from New Zealand and Australia, whilst we source our proteins from New Zealand, Australia, and the northern hemisphere when necessary. 
The spread of these purchases can change between region, season, and year. 
Whilst we would love to be able to source 100% of our raw materials locally, there is unfortunately not enough to go around, or it is not available in New Zealand. Additionally, we make sure to purchase the highest quality raw materials we can, to make sure we are manufacturing the best products we can for your herds.

Bulk Pellets

Why pellets?
Quality milling and pressing equipment ensures ingredients are properly processed and thoroughly mixed. The pelleting process improves digestibility of the feed and reduces the risks associated with bacterial contamination of unprocessed feeds.  Attention to pellet quality and durability improves both storage and transportation whilst minimising fines and maximising palatability. 

I am interested in SealesWinslow pellets for my bulk dairy meal, which pellet should I be using?
We have many different bulk dairy pellet options both nationally and regionally. 
To help you make the right choice for your system, we have a team of Technical Sales Representative’s on the road, ready to assist you. 
Does SealesWinslow customise bulk dairy pellets? 
Yes. We can customise for the additives and/ or minerals you want, as well as ingredients and specs you are after. To help you make the right choice for your system, we have a team of Technical Sales Representatives on the road, ready to assist you.
Does SealesWinslow produce pellets for other ruminant animals?
Yes, we make bulk pellets for beef, sheep, deer, or goat and can usually customise to your requirements.

Seales Winslow Calf Meal

Which SealesWinslow calf meal should I use?
We offer two options: 
SealesWinslow Calf Max is our premium range, containing a 20% Muesli, 20% Pellet or a 16% Pellet option. This range contains our exclusive additive, NuStart® Evolution, which provides a prebiotic and our renowned unique flavouring. NuStart® Evolution helps increase appetite, and reduce scours, thus increasing daily liveweight gains. Calf Max contain a coccidiostat – Bovatec® 20CC.
SealesWinslow Rumatain is our economic option, containing a 19% Pellet, or a 17% Pellet. This Rumatain range does not contain NuStart® Evolution and has a slightly lower starch content than our premium range. However, it is still a tasty and effective product for growing your calves. Rumatain calf meal contain a coccidiostat – Bovtec®20CC.
Pellet or Muesli? 
Muesli 20% is often used as a starter meal for new calves, as the molasses helps the feed stick to their nose. Calves lick this off and love the taste which helps encourage early intake of meal. SealesWinslow Muesli has been specially formulated to be nutritionally balanced, and easily digested. However, pellets are also suitable to start calves on.
Which protein level, 20% or 16% or other? 
Calves need a certain amount of protein to grow. A higher protein percentage meal will result in more protein to support a fast-growing calf. This is especially beneficial if you are weaning your calves on liveweight targets rather than age. 
When fed a lower protein feed, they will need to eat more feed to supply the amount of protein needed to grow. 
How do I stop muesli going hard in the feed bins over night? 
Due to the sticky nature of muesli (from the molasses) the best way to feed SealesWinslow Calf Max Muesli is small amounts, often. Large volumes, left over time can become compacted, especially when temperatures get colder, or it has been played with and slobbered on.
Does SealesWinslow calf meal have any PKE (Palm Kernel Extract) in it? 
No. For more information on the ingredients in our calf meal, check out calf product pages on our website 

Can dogs, horses, or lamas eat SealesWinslow calf meal?
No. All SealesWinslow calf meal products contain a coccidiostat – Bovtec®20CC. This is an Ionophore, which is toxic to your monogastric family friends.
Please keep your calf meal tucked safety away from hungry mouths it is not designed for. 

How should I store my calf meal?
Calf meal should be stored in a cool, dry space, away from direct sunlight and any risk of moisture. 
Calf meal can sweat when it is left in moist, warm conditions, which results in condensation inside the bags, and increases the risk of product going mouldy.
The plastic pallet wrap wrapped around calf meal bags should be removed as soon as the pallet reaches its destination. 
Are SealesWinslow calf meal bags waterproof? 
No, our bags are not waterproof. To keep our product fresh, the bags must be able to breath, and therefore moisture can get out (and in).
What size can I order calf meal in? 
SealesWinslow calf pellets (range dependent), are packed in 20 kg or 25 kg bags, bulk bag (1Tonne) or in bulk with a minimum order of 3 Tonne. 
SealesWinslow Calf Max Muesli is available in 20 kg bags only.

How many 20 kg or 25 kg bags of calf meal do I order to get free freight delivery? 
Minimum of 1 Tonne (T).

Our Molasses Blocks

 Which block is it safe for my animals to have? 

Ordering & Delivery  

How many blocks do I order to get free freight delivery? 
The minimum order quantities to receive free freight are:
Equine blocks (15 kg block): 36 blocks
Max dehydrated blocks (22.5 kg block): 44 blocks
SW poured blocks (25 kg block): 36 blocks
Mixed: any of the above block sizes to meet a minimum of 900 kgs
SW poured block 500 kg, minimum of one 500 kg block

Can I mix products in a 1 Tonne (T) order?
Yes, you can mix different 20 kg or 25 kg bagged products together to create 1T. 
However, you cannot mix calf meal and blocks to make up a 1T order.
Can I order more than 1T on one pallet? 
Yes, up to 100 kg of 15 kg, 22.5 kg or 25 kg blocks on top of a 20 kg or 25 kg 1T bagged order. 
Or you can add up to 100 kg of 20 kg or 25 kg bagged products on top of a block order.


Do SealesWinslow produce salt licks? 
No. We manufacture and import molasses-based mineralised blocks. These blocks are highly effective at providing the additives, minerals, and trace elements that animals need. 
For more detailed information about our block range –
Are SealesWinslow sites feed safe accredited?
Yes, we are.  To obtain FeedSafeNZ accreditation, as a stockfeed producer we are required to undergo annual site audits, which are conducted by the independent third-party auditor, AsureQuality.
Where are SealesWinslow products made?
We have three sites: Morrinsville, Whanganui, and Ashburton.  Muesli is made in Morrinsville and Ashburton. Bulk pellets and calf pellets are made by our teams at each site.  Poured molasses mineral blocks are made in Ashburton. SealesWinslow range of Max dehydrated blocks are produced in the United Kingdom and imported across New Zealand.
Seasonal changes to grass mean my stock are mineral deficient. Can SealesWinslow help?
Yes.  We have products specifically designed to fill mineral gaps in feed and in various product options to support your system. Pellets, granules, blocks or water-soluble options. To help you make the right choice for your system, we have a team of Technical Sales Representatives on the road, ready to assist you.