Sheep Milking Pellet

A highly digestible grain-based pellet, delivering quality starch driving milk production for high production ewes. The Sheep Milking Pellet is a mid-range protein pellet made from high quality vegetable proteins to support milk production. It is GMO free and made from a specific sheep premix designed for balancing out mineral deficiencies. 

• Contains 10g/kg Magnesium Oxide, 20g/kg Lime, 15g/kg Salt, 10g/kg AcidBuf

Feed recommendations:

Designed to be delivered to ewes in a controlled manner via an in-shed feeding system or can be mixed with a significant portion of the daily forage allowance prior to feeding in troughs or trailers.Typically fed at a rate of 200-600g/head/day. 

Available from: Morrinsville mill only

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