Rumatain 19% Calf Pellets

SealesWinslow Rumatain 19% Calf Pellets has been designed for growing calves on limited milk diets. It has a high level of quality vegetable proteins to ensure intakes and support lean tissue growth and can be used in situations where milk consumption is restricted to encourage intake of dry feed. It helps avoid any post-weaning growth check, can be fed in reduced quantities post 100 kg.

Rumatain 19% Calf Pellets is highly digestible and delivers energy and protein to help ensure target growth rates continue to be achieved on grass.

Vitamins and Minerals are essential for calves, to support their immune system and to provide the ideal balance for optimal calf health & development. 

Rumatain 19% Calf Pellets include a nutritionally formulated vitamin and mineral pack. 

Bovatec® 20CC is included as a coccidiostat that has been accurately and evenly incorporated for protection against coccidiosis.

Typically calves can be weaned from milk when eating 1 kg Rumatain 19% Calf Pellets per head per day over 3 consecutive days, as long as they have gained at least 35 kg from birth and have a prominent pot belly to show rumen growth and development.

Feed recommendations:

Introduce to calves from one day of age as a supplement to milk. Increase the amount fed gradually up to weaning. Typically calves can be weaned from milk when consuming 1kg Rumatain Calf 19% per head per day for 3 consecutive days. Continue to offer pellets to calves post-weaning to help maintain growth during the transition to an all grass diet. Always give calves access to clean drinking water and roughage such as quality hay or straw.

Offer fresh product daily and remove stale product from troughs. Always give calves access to clean drinking water and roughage.

Indications: As an aid in the control of coccidiosis by Eimeria species feed 1 kg Rumatain 19% Calf Pellets to provide 90 mg Lasalocid per day (equivalent to 1.5 mg Lasalocid/kg live weight per day).  Do not feed over 400 mg Lasalocid per head per day.

Bovatec® 20CC is registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No A009679. See for registration conditions.

Available nationwide, ordered by contacting your local Technical Sales Representative, customer service, or your local merchant store. In bulk, bulk bag or 25kg bags.

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