SealesWinslow Mineral Pellets are designed to deliver consistent minerals, in a grain base carrier to support milk production for lactating dairy cows.

Mineral Pellets are uniquely manufactured to ensure even flow through silos when mixed with grain.

Attention to pellet quality and durability improves both storage and transportation whilst minimising fines and maximising palatability.

The Mineral Pellets include a range of feed rates and additive options, including Rumensin® and trace elements. 


Feed recommendations 
SealesWinslow Mineral Pellets should be delivered to cows in a controlled manner via an in-shed feeding system or mineral dispenser (Jacky Bin) or thoroughly mixed with a significant portion of the daily forage allowance before feeding from troughs or trailers.

Available in the South Island, custom mineral pellets are available upon request. Call your local Technical Sales Representative, customer service,  or your local merchant store for more information. In bulk, bulk bag or 20kg bags.

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