Mineral Max with Rumensin

Mineral Max® with Rumensin™ 20% Millmix* naturally balances out the mineral deficiencies in pasture to support the demands of high producing lactating cows and optimise production, reproduction, health, and performance.

  • As an aid in the control of ketosis, bloat and increases milk protein production.
  • Contains phosphorus
  • Careful selection of high-quality raw ingredients to ensure optimum digestion
  • Colour added to granule range for easy recognition of product
  • Rigorous testing regime
  • Delivers a consistent dose of macro minerals each day

Improved ease of handling and reduced dust
Unique combination of minerals, reducing the need to mix individual products
Supports animal health status

*Rumensin™ 20% Millmix is registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1197.  No A009107 as an aid in the control of ketosis, bloat and increases milk protein production. See eatsafe.govt.nz/acvm for registration conditions.

Feed recommendations: Typically fed at 200g/cow/day.  Do not alter the dose rate without consulting a nutritionist or veterinarian.  Mineral Max products are not to be fed to cows in the 4-6 weeks prior to calving due to the high level of calcium. Thoroughly mix into supplement.

Mineral Max with Rumensin has a twelve month expiry from date of manufacture.

Please note: This range of products are produced in the same facility and may contain residue of Zinc.

Available in the North Island, ordered by contacting your local Technical Sales Representative, customer service, or your local merchant store. In bulk (Morrinsville only), bulk bag or 20kg bags

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