Maxx Calf Health Block

Maxx Calf Health is a controlled intake dehydrated molassed lick block.  Developed specifically for calves and youngstock, it contains a number of unique ingredients proven to support health, rumen development, immunity and performance. 

Maxx Calf Health is suitable for all dairy and beef calves from two weeks of age through to breeding or fattening cattle finishing rations.

• Contains Diamond V XPC, proven to show consistent beneficial effects on daily liveweight gain, feed conversion efficiency, ruminal and intestinal development and also support stock through respiratory disease.

• Includes Zinpro Availa® zinc proven to help optimise immune function and rumen integrity during times of stress, as well as improved lifetime performance.

• Contains natural decongestants from plant extracts and essential oils to help support a healthy respiratory system during periods of stress.

• Contains Phytotec to support robust digestive health, daily gain and improved feed conversion efficiency.

• Available in 22.5kg pack size.

Maxx Calf Health is easy to use, just place the tubs in your calf pen or paddock and stock will help themselves. We recommend that you place tubs in areas where you want stock to graze, and avoid placing them near water troughs.

Place tubs in at a ratio of:

1 x 22.5 kg for every 15 head of stock

• Minimum of two blocks in pen or paddock to ensure access for all calves.

• Ensure ad-lib forage is always available.

• Do not feed to sheep (contains copper).

Typical intakes (per animal):

Calves to 12 weeks up to 80g/head/day#.

Weaned calves and youngstock up to 300g/head/day#.

#Consumption will be influenced by number of feed points per head of stock, forage availability and quality, other feeds available, age and breed of stock and proximity to water sources.
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