Maxi Pro provides rumen bypass protein, as well as starch, to keep the cows milking when pasture quality starts to drop off.

It is designed to be used when the pasture proteins drop off and supplementary protein is required. It can also be used at any time in the season when a protein deficiency occurs.

Maxi Pro is a great tasting, high quality pellet, reducing feed refusal.

Maxi Pro is designed to be delivered to cows in a controlled manner via an in-shed feeding system or can be thoroughly mixed with a significant portion of the daily forage allowance prior to feeding in troughs or trailers.

Maxi Pro is typically fed at a rate of 1 – 4 kg per head per day.

Available Nationwide and can be ordered by contacting your local technical sales representative, SealesWinslow customer service team, or your local merchant store.

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