Maizemax Plus is the ideal supplement when using maize silage to ensure stock receive a balanced feed to maintain milk production by supplying the nutrient missing or limited in maize silage.

Maizemax Plus contains calcium, sodium and magnesium, which helps to overcome the inherent deficiencies of these nutrients in maize silage. Maizemax Plus uses premium grade OzMag as a source of magnesium.

Maizemax Plus also contains Micromax, a concentrated blend of micro-nutrients that are necessary for dairy and beef stock to maintain optimum production and health. It is designed to work in harmony with a fertiliser programme, filling the trace minerals gaps that cannot be met by applying solid fertiliser to the soil, ensuring your nutrient management programme is complete.

Maizemax Plus is designed to be added to maize silage at the rate of:

  • 200 g per head per day


Maizemax Plus should not be given to cows in the 4 – 6 weeks prior to calving due to the high level of calcium.  If feeding maize silage in summer it is recommended that the diet is balanced with a protein meal.

Available North Island only and can be ordered by contacting your local technical sales representative, SealesWinslow customer service team, or your local merchant store.

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