Horse Feed Block with Mycotoxin Binder

The Horse Feed Block with Mycotoxin Binder is a complete mineral supplementation with superior toxin binding.  Designed to provide a convenient and effective way to give New Zealand leisure and breeding horses access to the minerals, trace elements and vitamins they require.

The Horse Feed Block with Mycotoxin Binder is a complementary mineralised feeding supplement for leisure horses and ponies, to help alleviate the symptoms associated with mycotoxins consumed in forage.

Designed to be used as a preventative method for the effects of mycotoxins, it can also be offered when forage quality is poor or when horses need a little extra protein and energy in addition to minerals and vitamins. 

The Horse Feed Block with Mycotoxin Binder contains major minerals like sodium, phosphorus and magnesium which horses crave when deficient, providing a carrier for essential trace elements and vitamins.  It is completely safe as horses regulate intake of major minerals limiting excessive consumption of trace elements, which can become toxic if over consumed.

There should be no further need for supplementation unless horses are in work or where specific local conditions create mineral deficiencies.

The Horse Feed Block with Mycotoxin Binder contains selenium so it is recommended that no selenium supplements are fed without consultation with a nutritionist or veterinarian.  Suitable for companion grazing animals, including cattle and goats, however copper levels may be excessive for some breeds of sheep when given extensive access, especially if housed.

Provide horses free access to enough blocks to prevent crowding and ensure shy feeders get their share.

Available in 15kg blocks. 

Typical intake (per animal):

  • Ponies: up to 250 g/day
  • Horses: up to 500 g/day

Available Nationwide and can be ordered by contacting your local technical sales representative, SealesWinslow customer service team, or your local merchant store. 

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