Hi Starch is a premium compound feed pellet. Specifically designed with an even inclusion of grains to optimise starch breakdown within the rumen. Each grain has its own set of benefits.

Combining partially cooked wheat, barley and maize into a highly digestible pellet means that the rumen bugs can effectively break down the pellet, reducing wastage and optimising utilisation. By partially cooking the grains they gelatinise increasing the availability to the rumen microbes. By doing so, the rumen bugs do not have to work so hard to get the energy from the feed, making it readily available and easy to convert that energy into milk. This highly energy dense pellet, not only increases the feed efficiency but is specifically designed for early lactation to drive milk production.

1. Support Milk Production 

Complimenting a pasture based diet with Hi Starch is ideal from early lactation right through until protein in pasture naturally declines. The starch and energy level within the pellet aids in reaching and holding peak milk production. At the start of the season, high water content in pasture can occupy the rumen and naturally limit intake. As the season progresses fibre levels increase, and with-it digestibility falls away. Hi Starch drives dry matter intake due to a low NDF (fibre) and is energy dense to fill the nutritional gap.

2. Trace Elements & Minerals 

Hi Starch already includes trace elements, lime, salt, and rumen buffer to aid in optimising performance. Trace elements include zinc, copper, cobalt, selenium, and iodine alongside vitamins are included in at a 4kg feed rate. Lime and salt are added in at 30g/kg and 20g/kg respectively, all whilst meeting the high nutritional spec’s in the typical analysis below.

3. Rumen Buffer

Acid Buf is a premium grade rumen buffer. Its unique honeycomb structure slows its rate of release, meaning it works for longer than a standard rumen buffer. Not only does it work for longer, but it also begins working the moment it is in the rumen. Therefore, the drop in rumen pH is offset early, preventing the negative impact this can have on production. (Acid Buf also contains magnesium and calcium.

Due to the breakdown rate and the intensity of Acid Buf, the inclusion is much lower than other rumen buffer products on the market. So, it works faster and takes up less valuable room within the pellet for the high-quality ingredients needed to support milk production and optimise the pasture based diet.

4. How to Feed

Hi Starch is designed to be delivered to lactating cows in a controlled manner via an in-shed feeding system or can be added to a mixer wagon and thoroughly mixed with a significant portion of the daily forage allowance prior to feeding.

Available Nationwide to customise this premium pellet to your own system get in contact with our Technical Sales Team or Customer Service Team on 0800 287 325. 


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