SealesWinslow Goats Choice is a high starch pellet designed to boost milk production in lactating dairy goats.

This grain based pellet is cooked and pressed to increase the digestibility and improve uptake all whilst reducing wastage in terms of fines and dust.

Starch drives milk production. Having at least two forms of starch (grain) within this power pellet, means that the starch will break down at different rates, optimising gut health. Cooked grain delivers highly fermentable energy. As an energy dense multi grain pellet, it takes up minimal room in the rumen which breaks down giving sustained release of energy to high performing goats. This 12.8MJME pellet is the added boost needed to drive milk production.

Goat’s Choice is specifically designed to complement the high quality protein forage that is typically cut and carried to dairy goats can boost the overall starch of the diet.

Goat’s Choice has a low NDF, as to not restrict dry matter intake. Molasses and flavouring are included to encourage uptake and improve palatability.

Because each batch is made to order, minerals and additives can be included to optimise and cater to each farm system. 

All ingredients within Goat’s Choice are GMO Free, locally sourced grains, meeting the Dairy Goat Co-Operative requirements. 

Due to the nature of this high powered pellet. Goat’s Choice is designed to be fed in a controlled manner, either through in shed feeding, and as it is highly durable, can be mixed through a feed mixer with a significant portion of forage before being fed out in troughs.

As with any new feed or diet change, introduce Goat’s Choice gradually. The rumen microbes can take 7-10 days to adjust to any new diet, and goats can be very sensitive to any diet changes. Typical intakes can vary from 200g/head/day up to 1kg/head/day. 

Goat’s Choice is available in bulk orders only from Morrinsville and Whanganui. 


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