EquiVigor Mineral Feed Block with Turmeric

EquiVigor™ is a mineral feed block with turmeric formulated to aid in joint mobility and help reduce inflammation, allowing your horse to move freely. In addition, EquiVigor™ also provides vitamins and minerals to balance pasture deficiencies, and linseed oil to keep your horses coat shiny.

For older horses the molasses feed block will aid as a mobility and joint health promoter, enabling them to offset inflammation and increase mobility as joints begin to feel the effects of ageing.

For sport horses a natural anti-inflammatory is key to being able to recover faster from intense exercise and stay in work. The addition of the cracked black pepper increases the bioavailability to enhance the effectiveness of the turmeric.

It is the addition of glucosamine, turmeric and cracked pepper that aid in the mobility and joint recovery of your horse.

Made in New Zealand, this mineralised feed block is suitable for both older horses or ponies who are not being hard fed, and sport horses alike.

Provide horses free access to enough blocks to prevent crowding and ensure shy feeders get their share.

EquiVigor™ contains selenium, consult your nutritionist or veterinarian  if using other selenium supplements.

Available in 15kg blocks

Typical intake (per animal)

  • Ponies: 250 g/head/day
  • Horses: 500 g/head/day

Intakes are typical of a feed block. In the event of gorging, remove block from free access.

Do not feed to sheep due to the copper content. 

Available Nationwide ordered by contacting your local technical sales representative, SealesWinslow customer service team, or your local merchant store.


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