Cattle High Magnesium Block

Cattle High Magnesium Block delivers essential micro-nutrients to balance the deficiencies of feeding pasture to cattle during their dry period.

The Cattle High Magnesium Block is a convenient, cost effective and tasty mineral delivery system for use in the dry period when cows or heifers are on grass.

High magnesium levels are included to reduce the risk of milk fever, in combination with other animal health strategies. Place tubs in paddocks at a ratio of:

  • 1 x 25 kg tub for every 25 cattle

Always have a minimum of 2 tubs to ensure all animals in the herd have access.

Typical intake (per cattle)

  • 70 – 100 g/day

Not to be fed to sheep and horses due to copper content.

Available Nationwide and Available in 500kg from Ashburton and Morrinsville. This can be ordered by contacting your local technical sales representative, SealesWinslow customer service team, or your local merchant store.

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