SealesWinslow Calf 20% Muesli is the ideal starter feed for young calves. It has been specially formulated to be nutritionally balanced, provide high energy, taste great and be easily digested.
It is an excellent feed choice for encouraging early intake of meal. Calf 20% Muesli can be offered to calves from birth to complement milk, milk replacer and to get calves used to the taste and texture.
Calf 20% Muesli contains NuStart. This is exclusive to SealesWinslow and includes essential oils, prebiotic, vitamins, and trace elements. The prebiotic is developed from plant extracts formulated to encourage feed intake and improve performance in calves.
NuStart benefits:
• stimulates appetite and digestion
• stimulates absorption of nutrients
• enhances rumen development 
• encourages the growth of good bacteria 
• aids in preventing bad bacterial growth
NuStart can minimise disease challenge, reduce scouring while improving growth rates.
Bovatec® 20CC is included as an aid in the contral of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria species feed 1 kg 20% Muesli per 60 kg calf to provide 90 mg Lasalocid per day (equivalent to 1.5 mg Lasalocid/kg live weight per day).  Do not feed over 400 mg Lasalocid per head per day.
Typically calves can be weaned from milk when eating 1kg Calf 20% Muesli per head per day over 3 consecutive days, as long as they have gained at least 35 kg from birth and have a prominent pot belly to show rumen growth and development.
Continue to offer to calves post-weaning, typically at 1 – 2 kg per head per day.
Offer fresh pellets daily and remove stale feed from troughs. Always give calves access to clean drinking water and roughage such as quality hay or straw.
Available Nationwide, ordered by contacting your local Technical Sales Representative, customer service, or your local merchant store, in 20 kg bags.
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