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Cattle Fodder Beet Block is a dietary support for stock grazing fodder beet, helping prevent the development of phosphorus deficiencies in cattle. 

Cattle Winter Crop Block delivers essential micro-nutrients to balance the deficiencies of feeding winter crops to cattle at a time when other supplementation routes may not be practical.

Cattle Young Stock Block supports the post-weaning growth in calves and replacements.

Cattle Mineral Block delivers convenient free access of essential minerals and energy for cattle to support their nutrient requirement. 

Sheep Mineral Block delivers essential minerals and energy to sheep when pasture is unable to provide the required nutrients.

The Horse Mineral Block with Garlic is a complete mineral supplementation. Designed to provide a convenient and effective way to give New Zealand leisure and breeding horses access to the minerals, trace elements and vitamins they require.

A dehydrated molasses block designed to increase the microbial activity in the gut of ewes, lambs and rams to improve rumen function and pasture utilisation. This supports feed intake, digestion, live weight gain, lamb survival, trace element status and fertility.

Cattle High Magnesium Block delivers essential micro-nutrients to balance the deficiencies of feeding pasture to cattle during their dry period.

A dehydrated molasses block designed to set cows up for a healthy lactation by replenishing nutrient levels and balancing pasture mineral deficiencies.  In particular it helps maintain optimum blood magnesium levels which helps reduce the risk of milk fever.

A dehydrated molasses block designed to support growth and development of stock by increasing microbial activity in the gut so animals get more out of their feed. This can benefit forage digestion, dry matter intake, trace element status and live weight gain and fertility. 

A complementary multi-species mineralized feeding supplement suitable for cattle, sheep, horses and goats

Maxx Calf Health is a controlled intake dehydrated molassed lick block.  Developed specifically for calves and youngstock, it contains a number of unique ingredients proven to support health, rumen development, immunity and performance.

EquiVigor™ is a complementary molasses mineral feeding supplement with turmeric, cracked pepper and glucosamine to aid in supporting movement and mobility in equine. EquiVigor™, your easy all in one equine mobility supplement.