Nutritional Range

Helping you to meet your feed needs.

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Cattle Mineral Block delivers convenient free access of essential minerals and energy for cattle to support their nutrient requirement. 

Sheep Mineral Block delivers essential minerals and energy to sheep when pasture is unable to provide the required nutrients.

The Horse Mineral Block with Garlic is a complete mineral supplementation. Designed to provide a convenient and effective way to give New Zealand leisure and breeding horses access to the minerals, trace elements and vitamins they require.

A complementary multi-species mineralized feeding supplement suitable for cattle, sheep, horses and goats

EquiVigor™ is a complementary molasses mineral feeding supplement with turmeric, cracked pepper and glucosamine to aid in supporting movement and mobility in equine. EquiVigor™, your easy all in one equine mobility supplement. 

Murphy’s Brew Fish Berley is a locally made grain-based cooked pellet, soaked in high quality fish oil.