Terms and Conditions

2017 SealesWinslow Calf Feed Offer - Terms and Conditions

1. The offer is only available to Ballance Agri-Nutrients Ltd shareholders (a “Shareholder”).

2. A Shareholder must quote their Ballance Agri-Nutrients Ltd shareholder number when an order is placed.

3. The offer is for eight bags (equivalent to 200 kg) of a Shareholder’s first 1 tonne order of SealesWinslow Calf Feed of the 2017 season (commencing 1 June 2017) to be provided free of charge. The eight free bags are included in (and not provided in addition to) the tonne ordered i.e. 200 kg of the first 1 tonne order is free.

4. Where possible, the free bags of SealesWinslow Calf Feed will consist of 25 kg bags. However, if there are insufficient 25 kg bags available, the 200 kg of free SealesWinslow Calf Feed will be provided using 20 kg bags or a mixture of 25 kg and 20 kg bags.

5. The offer is only available on a Shareholder’s first 1 tonne order of SealesWinslow Calf Feed for the 2017 season (commencing 1 June 2017) and not on any additional purchases. This applies even where subsequent purchases are of a different product type than the first 1 tonne order.

6. The order must consist of a tonne of either SealesWinslow Calf 20% Muesli, SealesWinslow Calf 20% Pellets or SealesWinslow Calf 16% Pellets. The order must be for 1 tonne of one of these types of calf feed and not a mixture.

7. All orders must be placed between 1 June 2017 and 30 July 2017 and must be delivered by or on 4 August 2017.

8. The order must be delivered as a single delivery.

9. Orders may be placed through with one of our sales representatives, through calling our customer services team, or through one of retail networks.

10. Personal information may be collected for the purposes of placing an order. Under the Privacy Act 1993, all individuals have the right to access and correct their personal information by contacting SealesWinslow in writing to Seales Winslow Limited Personal Information, Marketing Department, Private Bag 12-503, Tauranga.

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